Frozen veggies


Client: &Samhoud / Brand: Sprice / Product: Veggie/fruit ice pops
Market: Local, Netherlands / Fields: Branding, Packaging, Illustration
This project was realized in collaboration with Mas Design Consultant.

&Samhoud wants to bring veggies to the people. To help them achieve this during those lazy summer days, they came up with Sprice.
The low-on-guilt ice pop!

Made of vegetable- & fruit juice and just a drop of honey, nothing more. We wanted to bring that ice cold, fruity, veggie, no nasties, fun filled attitude straight to the pack. No artificial coloring, just the colors of the veggies & fruit itself. The recycled paper stock, just as it is, pristine and white. Hand drawn illustrations & customized typography emphasize the love & detail that also went in the product inside.

What's cooler that being cool?