Let’s make it Better



Client: Now Even Better / Category: Self Promotion
Market: B2B / Fields: Branding, Packaging, Typography

As a young creative agency, we cherish our clients and the relationship we share. Yet, we are also very aware of the fact we have ‘only just begun’ and aim to evolve and get just that little bit better with each passing day.

We wanted to show our love and at the same time share our ‘dream’ with the clients who put their trust ánd their brand in our hands everyday. A bottle of wine is off course a ‘classic’ when it comes to New years gifts, but it happens to share one of our own characteristics: It gets better with time.

This was the main inspiration for every individual element. From the teasing message on the sleek carton box, the ‘manifest’ written on the wrapper, up to the text on the bottle.

Here is to you!